Zopo C2 Quad core

You cannot rely only on suppliers words as they’ll tell you they all sell the best at the cheapest price.

If you are not careful in samples orders you will have a lot of disappointments and a lot of paid samples, expenses that you could avoid if you follow the points below.

1/ Once you’ve made a bit of research on the requested product, you will need to find which brand and what is the right price for it. Be aware that most of the time getting a cheap copy of an iphone won’t work long and might get you into troubles.

2/ The best option is to go for real Chinese brands. the names might not appeal to you, but if you choose the right brands, you will be amazed by their quality and reliability. I can think of Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo… These are a few good and more or less known and reputed brands.

3/ Say you are looking for an octa-core, 2G of RAM smartphone with a 5 to 6” screen 5 points capacitive smartphone.

4/ You will rapidly find prices ranges from USD 100 to USD 900 for a smartphone with these assets.

5/ You need to bear in mind that there are several kind of manufacturers in China,

  • the ones that produce cheap quality,
  • the ones that produce average quality, and
  • the ones that produce the high end phones

There is nothing wrong with any of that, it’s just their way of working/producing to provide different markets.

6/ You will need to choose a website or a blog where Chinese manufactured products are tested and reviewed, http://www.gizchina.com is a good choice but not the only one.

7/ If you are looking for a high end smartphone, do not pay a ridiculously low price for it, this is simply not possible, even in China.

8/ You should inquire for the average price for this selected phone and into that range of price find the cheapest phone, you can save up to USD 70, USD 80 on the same product, watch for free-shipping.

9/ Don’t hesitate to discuss with your Chinese contact/supplier, they will give you all the info needed. (Making a bit of research on how to proceed with Chinese nationals will be really helpful.) You can visit this website, it’s exactly all you need: http://executive-impressions.com/blog/the-cultural-intelligence-click/ Kara Ronin gives the best advices on how to behave/dress/communicate with foreign cultures.

Xiaomi MI3

10/ You can then ask your contact/supplier

  • Which model they would recommend
  • Which one is famous in China (most of the time they will answer iphone : ))
  • Do they provide a guarantee and how long for?
  • If they do, who will pay the costs of shipping and re-shipping in case of replacement
  • What is their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Which shipment company do they use, do they see any objection using the one you know.

To make sure ask the same questions to other contacts/suppliers, you’ll have then a better idea on the quality of advices they offer.

Most of the time, whether your market is for cheap, middle range or high end products, you’ll realize quickly that most contacts/suppliers/sales rep are very serious, and very helpful.

Please do not waste their time, once more only inquire with contacts or future supplier if you are genuinely interested.

Eric Grimaldi.



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  1. No,1 and 2 is helpful for me.
    No.5 is everybody should know.
    I am agree with no,7.
    i am really love it no,8
    Thank you so much Eric Grimaldi


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