What should we do if hacked by previously employed workforce?

What should we do if hacked by previously employed workforce?.


Working to the point of getting burnt out… Or not?

Working to the point of getting burnt out… Or not?

Many articles are being written on entrepreneurs spending all or most of their time working on their project risking burning out.

  • Willing to participate on all aspects of their business,

  • multi-tasking,

  • having an eye on all ongoing aspect of the process,

  • anticipating expansion,

  • keeping in touch with the business related news,

  • Following the different trends,

  • ready to jump on the last hi-tech innovation,

  • spending amounts of time on reading diverse articles to share as content marketing,

  • setting up all kinds of security applications, servers…

  • trying to stay as much as possible in touch with the co-workers, with the suppliers,

  • testing different CRMs, business management, automation softwares….

Some, just spend the time to do the minimum as family duties, shores, etc…

They understand the need to walk, sleep, eat properly, allow sometime to read a book, going to see a movie, or else….

They simply cannot put their mind to something else, if not really urgent.

The most important thing some miss is the creativity, it’s gone…

Poor health due to lack of relaxation, lack of breathing, huge intakes of caffeine and nicotine, eating junk food in front of the computer.. No space for creativity to show itself anymore.

It felt so good when they started putting this project together…

Still… they love each minute spent on it…

and even in the case they would allow themselves to some outdoor activities or else, their mind is with the business.

Will these entrepreneurs get burnt out? Probably many, many won’t.

Is it worth taking the risk?

Some were burnt out a few times without knowing, they got away from it, and restarted after a while, even stronger. Some might get more serious ailments, beware!

For many, the answer is, we will relax once we make some sales… or profits.

Anyway, I believe that there is no way back, at least for some.

Intrusions on your computer files and content through wifi or other usurpation of Identity.

Intrusions on your computer files and content through wifi or other usurpation of Identity.

I’ve recently witnessed weird behaviour on my computer.

While working on different files on my computer and at the same time working on the internet, I noticed real changes on wifi router software; configuration, logins, etc… happening at the same time I was replacing the wifi password that my son shared with neighbours against my will.

That’s not all, software has disappeared from my system, folders were edited and moved to other folders. Some files have been replaced by others, etc…

Another breach/infringement is happening with the social media networks, it’s in the interest of thugs to enter your social network and edit profiles, send or share unwanted contents using your credentials.

Beware with your website’s/blogs e-mails addresses, these ones can be hacked by spammers to use them at their profit. Being responsible of your e-mail addresses, such mischief can lead to cancellation of your account.

What should we do if hacked by previously employed workforce?

What should we do if hacked by previously employed workforce?

(Caution to new entrepreneurs)

Entrepreneurs should be very careful on who they hire by internet.

Entrepreneurs should protect themselves against hacks from previous web-designers, social media and anybody who had access to their website, social media networks and other CRM, ERP etc…

Unfortunately at one stage or the other there is the need to share logins and passwords which opens the door to infringement/breaches on professional/personal data…

Previously hired web-designers have the possibility to enter a few lines of code that will allow them to get back into the backend of the website even if logins and passwords are changed.

One example of unintentionally problem/issue is lack of experience which can cause a forgotten backup when applying major updates, hence the loss of whatever project/website.

We, even though all the efforts to protect ourselves, can loose all control on a project like a website, which results on having to start again and again, and that can be discouraging.

Hacks can be spread all over the website from the product/category configuration to the payment gateway, from the website’s e-mails addresses to the contact us/Chat/Skype link.

These anti-professional behaviours can happen when some work force are also working for competition or for themselves. These mischiefs can also happen when changing employees/workers even though the efforts to stay as right and correct as possible during the employment time and while the separation.

My questions are how to react to these theats that have huge costs, and loss of time and efforts..?

Does anybody know about good and user-friendly software to protect ourselves? We’ve been inquiring on a few that seem very efficient, but the configuration and the maintenance needs like tons of tutorials which is time consuming on a business of only a few employees.

Once proven who has been doing such anti-professional acts, there must be some legal ways to engage,

to protect other new professionals from these kind of bad experiences. What are these and at what would the costs be?

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