Is AI possible to be cracked?


I was just born when the first liver transplant was performed, rapidly followed by two heart transplants in 1967 by Christiaan Barnard and Adrian Kantrowitz . Since then, this surgery has almost become routine for specialists.

We are now at a time when it is possible to create the most vital organ, the human heart.

Specialists can graft real fingers and give them back their autonomy.

They can adjust prosthesis like a fake leg so a human can walk again and even perform in sport.

Scientists can replicate DNA from a human cell hence multiply the chromosomes.

David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel, in the 80s discovered how the visual cortex works.

Soon we will wear eye contact lenses that will have multiple functions.

We can already use exo-skeletons which was only a few years ago a cartoon like fantasy.

In another hand, most of diseases cannot be cured, cancers, aids, even flus, same with most of brain or mental diseases, medications alleviate the pain, the symptoms persist in most cases. Patients need life treatments. Though there are remissions with or without medication.

And then… Who would have thought in the late 70s that computers would perform the way they do nowadays and that they would be part of the household in so many countries?

That they would help create employment, entrepreneurs and not only suppress jobs with robotics.

We can have access to huge libraries of information and data with a simple click with the Internet.

We can run businesses, share, communicate, video making is at anyone’s hand.

Wearables allow to have a computer at the wrist.

Anyone can 3D print most of what he thinks, engineers built houses using 3D, other will probably engineer a heart using 3D printing.

Some cars can fly or go under the waters, some don’t even need drivers.

Who’s going to understand intelligence first? The neurologists with understanding how the brain creates intelligence or the engineers creating intelligent machines?

Both neurologists and engineers need to continue the race and merge their discoveries at some point.

And what if intelligence came from an etheric form of life, a soul kind of intelligence?

What if we reproduce cells to the point of creating a human being, does that mean he will be able to think? In that case will we be able to produce intelligence?

If intelligence is within the cells, how will it develop depending on what or who the cell is from?


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