Launching of our new project Ews-Artisanat | Main-Ews (update of the 29th of April 2017)


The new project Main-Ews for Ews-Artisanat has been delayed due among other things to moving our office to another location. Please accept our apologies.

My wife, Amima continues with Amima’s Shop supported by our son and his friend while I move to a new office location. The new place “Mandala Resort” has all we need to work in the best conditions; quietness and space, a good internet connection in a dream natural environment with all amenities at hand.

Unfortunately, our physical market retail activity in France gets postponed, while the Main-Ews project will soon be launched. Late, but we will let you know regularly of the progress we make. Here is the idea of our project:

Main-Ews is the supporting platform and will consist of:

Support and marketing/advertising for our physical shop Amima’s Shop

Support and marketing/advertising for our friends and partners

A web-page based on Open-source and,

A sale and wholesale website based on renewable energies like Solar systems and panels

A sale and wholesale website offering tech and hi-tech innovations

A web-page sharing our best experiences in Thailand and SE Asia where we’ve spent the last 14 years or so.., and,

A music based webpage…. and much more..

The Ews-Artisanat Main-Ews Team


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