10 best free applications we use everyday

There are so many great free android apps , we’ve decided to make a list with the ones we love the most. Here are the 10 android apps we like the best :

Facebook LogoSkype LogoNote LogoTune In LogoMint LogoDropbox LogoAntivirus Logo

Guesswhat LogoDraw LogoIce Age Logo

FREE : Free Ice Village

FREE: Guess What?

FREE : Draw Something

FREE : Facebook

FREE : ColorNote Notepad Notes

FREE : Skype

FREE : Mint

FREE: TuneIn Radio

FREE: TrustGo

FREE: Dropbox

Here is what other people think about these free android apps:


Dropbox Logo

Provides 2 GB of space for free, you can purchase bigger Dropboxes if you need more space. You can also increase your space if you refer people to use Dropbox. Dropbox is secure. It uses high level of security using public key encryption (same type of security used by banks) by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. By default the files in Dropbox are private. But it also provides a way to share files with someone else by dropping your files in the public folder.

Dropbox is very simple to use. You just need to install it on the computers you want to share files, secure it with a good complex password, and it creates a folder on the computers where it was installed. As soon as you move something into that folder it becomes visible on all machines. (Ali Julia, Amazon.com)


Antivirus Logo

This app provides the peace of mind needed to navigate the sometimes prickly world of sports apps, online games, and even news sites. A real must-have for everyone online on the go.(Don –Amazon.com)


Mint Logo

Focuses entirely on the investment and credit end of finances. You’ll provide your car loan account, mortgage, credit cards, CDs, and stock portfolios and mint will provide (very!) easy to use budgeting tools and inform you of a relatively wide range of customizable alerts, most of which are disabled by default.
There are a few features that I was particularly pleased about when I realized they were there:
– Mint tracks your property values via Z!llow, to compare with what you owe on your mortgage. Cringeful at times, but still good to know.
– Mint reminds you to obtain a current credit score on a regular basis; vital to watch out for identity theft or credit snafus if your credit/bank accounts don’t do this for you already.
– Mint will guide you to invest for large future purchases with the “Goals” feature by guiding you to (advertised affiliate) high interest savings options based on the budgets you’ve set up for yourself.
– Mint tells you when you’re spending too much on Amazon Daily Deals for your own good, -assuming- you’ve (easily!) set your budget limits.
– Mint gives you a good idea of whether your investments are paying off according to national averages as well as points you to lenders with better APR and lower fees. The “Ways To Save” tab on the website lists a solid collection of credit cards and bank accounts, organized by reward to cost; happily, Intuit always clearly labels which providers are paid sponsors vs. which are just better than your current rates.(Ryan-Amazon.com)

 TuneIn Radio:

Tune In Logo

If you wanna find a station that is currently playing a song by a certain artist, just type in the name of the artist, and this app will find you stations that are playing their songs! Wanna just listen to 80’s hairbands–just type in that search and you get tons of stations that just play that genre of music. Another great thing about TUNEIN is there are MANY noncommercial stations..I sooo can’t stand when a DJ is talking right up to when the vocalist begins to sing on a song (92 Pro FM is THE WORST for this!). It also has a save presets function, for when you like a station, you can save it to this feature! ( Nightwing’s Fan –Amazon.com)


Skype Logo

Just gotta remember that just like with any phone you’re using a program and if you’re in a bad area with spotty reception it’s going to be laggy just like anything else would be. (Chexy-Amazon.com)

ColorNote Notepad Notes:

Note Logo

I use it primarily for its checklist capability, which really helps me manage my “to do” lists while I’m working. I also love the fact that is saves automatically every time I make a change to it. The widget runs smoothly, I enjoy utilizing various note colors for organization, and it is very easy to use. ( Amazon.com)


Facebook Logo

Finally! Original Kindle Fire owners were stuck with a Facebook icon that just led to the Facebook mobile site ever since it was released, so it’s refreshing to finally see a real Facebook app available for download. Sadly, it was a bit buried inside the Amazon App Store and required a good bit of searching; why this isn’t the first app that comes up when searching for Facebook and instead 50 rows down, i’ll never know.(Stanley Fu-Amazon.com)

 And now our selection of fun android apps:

Ice Age Village:

Ice Age Logo

If you like the film, you will absolutely love this.

 Draw Something:

Draw Logo

Did you like drawing when you were a child? This app will help you remember that feeling all over again.

 Guess what?:

Guesswhat Logo

This app is a brain teaser. It’s easy, relaxing and lots of fun.

Question: Are there some apps you would like to recommend or share?



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