What is a smartphone and why should I buy one

I’ve always been happy with my ordinary mobile phone. All it does is that it allows me to make and receive calls and texts and so far I’ve not needed anything else.

Now it seems you can’t move for all these smartphones and there’s so many different types, I’m confused as to what they are and what they do. What makes a smartphone a smartphone?

Do you feel the same? Keep reading…

By Wikipedia, a smartphone is ”a cellular phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications.”

In other words smartphones are any telephonic device that’s also designed to be a general computing platform.

Smartphones are good for browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails etc. Its like having a tiny PC in your pocket.


they offer easy access to all kind of news,

Lenovo K860

If there is anything you do on your computer that you would like to be able to do on the move you can probably do it with a smartphone. The most common uses are: email, web browsing, social networks, maps. It is much easier to take your phone out of your pocket to do these tasks if you aren’t already in front of your computer than it is to carry round a netbook or similar.

One of the biggest features of smart phones is their ability to make use of small computer programs called applications (apps).

Apps are not just games,

they offer easy access to all kind of information, news, photos, weather, ebay and so much more.

So how do you pick your first smartphone?

The first step is deciding which operating system you would prefer : Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone? Each operating system has his own fan club. Which one defines you? Choose wisely.

The operating system for your smartphones defines the user experience and by some reports, the average smartphone owner checks his or her device 150 times per day.

Question: Do you use a smartphone? Please share with us, in the comments below, your user experience.



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