What is Drop-shipping and How to Make a Living Of It

Nowadays, finding a job has become very difficult , especially when we lack skills. Opportunities in the skilled jobs are increasingly scarce. In addition, many struggle to work 8 hours per day , 5 days out of 7 for an employer.

Among these young or old unemployed , many do aspire to work and become their own boss, but they lack the resources .

Magic solution , I do not think there is , but, the internet is full of resources to become an entrepreneur and to succeed as such; webinars , interviews, white pages , blogs, including studies, research and readings with the help of various tools ; videos, pod-casts, blogs, web-sites.

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Thank you for sharing resources for entrepreneurial training and employment on the web, training in French or other language you know, most of my resources are in English.

Briefly, the method I use since little can help , provided to be prepared to earn a living; honestly, being your own boss and working hours of your choice (this does not mean working only a few hours!). Only an Internet connection is required and the installation of some software. ( I personally use Ubuntu Linux being Open source, it offers thousands of free software).

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What is Drop- Shipping?

Created in the USA in 2006 for retail sale , this means extends in China and I propose to share it today. I am sure that the Drop -shipping can be a good way to earn a supplementary or more, even a lot more income. Using IT tools ( some knowledge about computers ( using software and Internet )

Drop -shipping is the management of the supply chain in which the seller ( retailer / wholesaler) does not store any goods. So a minimal investment.

The ” drop -shipper ” ( seller ) transfers orders and contact customer, supplier sends the goods directly to the customer.

Just as in most businesses , the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale price and the retail . Some sellers earn a percentage of sales agreed in advance paid by the wholesaler to the seller.

The seller may also expose samples of products in a store ( showroom ) or on a website.

Vendors who are” drop- shipping ” objects can take steps to avoid negative preconceptions, or their suppliers to be known by the competition. This is done with the aid of a medium called the ” blind -shipping ” ( the goods are shipped without return address ) or ” private label shipping ” (the commodity is shipped with the address of the seller). A ” packing slip ” added by the wholesaler can be included containing the details , the name of the company, the logo of the seller / drop- shipper .

HKCEC Asia World Expo April 14
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Two advantages of size are the inventory cycle elimination and positive cash flow. This positive cycle is possible because the seller is paid when the sale is made. The seller uses a credit card or other similar means . Thus, there is a period during which the seller has the customer’s money but has not paid the supplier.

” Drop- shipping ” may also be an advantage in some situations because it (possibly ) obscures the sender and is preserving the role of an intermediary, avoiding communication / knowledge directly between the seller and the buyer without this intermediate having to pay fees / delays for handling, packaging, labeling, etc …

It also eliminates duplication of effort since only one person will , pack and send the parcel . These cost savings can really reduce the price paid by the customer.



As in all businesses , there are risks. For example, ” back-ordering ” can occur when the seller filed an application for shipment with a wholesaler, but the product is out of stock . ” Back-ordering ” can take a lot of time waiting for new products that can have bad repercussions on the seller / drop -shipper . A good wholesaler will always inform the vendor , but it’s the vendor / contractor responsibility to stay informed about the merchandise available.

Drop-shipping has been much quoted in a ” home business scams .” Crooks artists offer an easy way to earn money working from home. The victim into this scam will be sold a list of businesses. These businesses may not be wholesalers, but other businesses or individuals posing as intermediaries between buyers and wholesalers, with any of their products for sale . These intermediaries often charge prices that leave little profit for the victim, and has a more regular cost for the customer who uses their services.



Looking for a way to earn additional salary or more? Becoming an entrepreneur inspires you? Do you know Hi -tech products, telephony and mobile computing , electronics, do not hesitate to share your suggestions, ideas, advice .. contact us: mailtews@gmail.com

Eric Grimaldi.



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