Our Aims:

Customer Service


At EWS TECH, we are a team dedicated to serving our customers the best we can. From our website  and our blogs, we offer Business Consultancy and assistance in the domains of Human Resources, Marketing, Bookkeeping and administration.


As sellers and wholesalers we offer ranges of Solar systems and green energies. Our aim is to allow everybody to get quality Green hi-tech equipment at a cheaper price; Allowing smaller budgets, families, schools, enterprises, organizations, etc to be equipped for less but with the same functions.

How do we do that? 


Our team for the past five years, participated in world exhibitions, contacted and met the best manufacturers and distributors. Mainly based in quality, guarantees, return policies, packaging, shipping… Stock inventories, all has been meticulously orgIMG_20140412_123336anized and agreed between us and our partners.

We maintain excellent relationships with all these collaborators, manufacturers or distributors, and their tested equipment is more than promising.

It is always a pleasure for our team members to try new opportunities and push ourselves to the limits .


We aim to sell wholesale globally because we believe that everybody should have access to these environment friendly technologies.

Solar power systems

manufactured in China have been a lot commented and criticized, though an article from The Economist earlier this year mentioned that solar power would have never been so much developed in the US if the prices had remained high. What are the benefits? Cleaner, cheaper energy and a base for more research and improvements for the future generations. Solar Power Suitcase 50WIn Europe, France and Germany huge car parks roofs are equipped with solar panels, in the UK the new energy farming consists of lands where solar panels replace crops. Tesla, Google, Dassault and other car makers are working on making better batteries with longer autonomous and better performances, all lead to producing fast and renewable energies. The team at EWS TECH  will provide you with the best products on the markets for less.

At EWS TECH, if we do not have the service or product you are looking for, we surely have a hint in one of our regularly updated databases, please do not hesitate to tell us and we willeast-west-sales.com

do our best to find it/them. It’s our commitment to please our customers whether by offering our services or our best products.



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